We are producing things people eat.We take this seriously.

We are producing things people eat.
We take this seriously.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

We want you to feel safe while eating vegetables filled with the bounty of the earth, all year long.

We take the fact that we are making foods for human consumption very seriously. While it’s important to eat good food year-round we believe the most important thing is to be able to be secure in the knowledge that you are eating safe food.

Why people choose us: 1

Why people choose us: 1

We share our customer’s ideas, and create custom made vegetables based on their requests.

At Shii-Farm we lend an ear to our customers thoughts, and work with them from cultivation to processing, shipping, and delivery to make sure that the products they require arrive at their store or even table.

Why people choose us: 2

Why people choose us: 2

Our farm which features 500 hectares of acreage and produces 8000 tons of produce per year

We boast Japan’s leading amount of daylight, great variance in day/night temperature, and southern Kyushu’s hilly and mountain area’s special soil which is perfect for growing tasty vegetables. At Shii-Farm, based on our philosophy of right soil right crops we cultivate 8000 tons of vegetables yearly on our farm with 500 hectares of acreage.

Why people choose us: 3

Why people choose us: 3

Delivering the taste of the seasons, year-round.
We are one of the largest national vegetable cultivation/processing/production corporations.

The seasonal taste and freshness of newly picked vegetables, frozen vegetable processing techniques capture these and allow us to deliver delicious vegetables year-round. Shii-Farm was on the forefront, incorporating frozen vegetables in 2003 and is one of the largest national vegetable cultivation/processing/production corporations.

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Quality Policy

At Shii-Farm we strive toward a natural environmental rotation style agriculture using the climate and lands of the natural world so that humans can co-exist with nature.

  • -Continually assess what is missing and address it.
  • -Continually grow and ship real food, food where each and every piece functions as it should.
  • -Continually cultivate in such a way that our products are safe whether they are eaten or left in nature.
  • -Push ahead natural principles in agriculture, disclose it to the community, and pass it on to the next generation.
  • -Maximize cost reductions, and be mindful of a sustainable business.
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