SHII-FARM RECRUIT We embrace the weight of producing food. We pour our hearts and souls into the food.


About Shii-Farm

We take the fact that we are making foods for human
consumption very seriously.
While it’s important to eat good food year-round
we believe the most important thing is to be able to be secure
in the knowledge that you are eating safe food.

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Work at Shii-Farm

We need you to help deliver safe and healthy vegetables to as many people as possible.

Vacancies 01

Agricultural Operations/Management

You are entrusted with tasks from agricultural management down to planting and harvesting the crops.
Specifically, you are entrusted with all agricultural tasks such as driving a tractor, as well as light work such as weeding the fields. Planting and harvesting of crops is very physical work, so there is a certain agricultural job satisfaction/good feeling.
We prioritize those with qualifications for large vehicles and tractor-trailers, but welcome those with no prior agricultural experience.

Vacancies 02

Quality Assurance

You will be entrusted with things such as micro-organism investigations and process control in the processing factory.
You will think up and manage systems to prevent not only things such as physical damages, chemical damages, and biological damages, but also labelling misses and allergen labelling misses.
You will need an understanding of the work done in agricultural fields and food processing factories, but after joining you will learn through experience.

Vacancies 03

Food Processing Operations

The food processing operation jobs refers to the processing of vegetables cultivated/harvested on our farm, including selection, washing, cutting, weighing, and packaging.
We give preference to those who want to make use of prior food processing experience or those who have completed forklift training.
Provided you have your high school diploma, no experience is required.
We will guide you through the basics of processing, you can feel free to apply even without prior experience.

Vacancies 04


(1) General Affairs and Administration:
This job involves the overall administration work of the company.
This is a very important role covering a wide variety of duties including reception, preparation of tea, invoicing, managing data and managing attendance.

(2) Sales Administration:
This job takes the vegetables we grow that have been processed into frozen vegetables, dried vegetables, tea, etc. and sells them nationwide. This job is involved with the customer in areas such as sales, purchasing, and delivery.

The people of Shii-Farm

The strength of Shii-Farm lies within the bountiful
nature of Southern Kyushu, and those who utilize
it to it’s fullest and pour their hearts into growing
At Shii-Farm we cross differences in gender, age,
and nationalities to form a varied group of people
who work together and constantly work to improve
each other, all the while creating the very best

01 Cultivation Department

It’s been 10 years since I’ve joined. It’s a valuable experience where I can use many different machines to do many different tasks. Going forwards I want to gain not only technical skills, but knowledge as well.

02 Processing Department

I’ve been here 14 years. There’s a great work atmosphere here, great work satisfaction and we work hard to constantly improve one another. Let’s work together.

03 Cultivation Department

I’ve been in Japan for two years. It’s challenging but fun to operate these heavy machines. Last summer I went to the Aoshima Coast in Miyazaki. Even if three years go by, I still want to work at Shii-Farm.

04 Quality Assurance

I’ve been here 3 years. As a member of quality assurance, I try my best everyday to make sure that the products delivered to our customers are safe and secure. There are tough times, but my kind supervisor always helps me.

05 Processing Department

Because my coworkers kindly explain things, I feel safe in my work. In terms of Japanese food, I love Sushi. When I can take a vacation, I want to try and go to Disneyland.

06 Sales and Administration

I can learn a lot from talking to our customers, there’s great job satisfaction. I’m working hard to make sure that everyone knows about the really delicious vegetables of Shii-Farm.

A Day in the Life of a Shii Farm Employee

What does it mean to work at Shii Farm? We followed a day in the life of a male employee in his 10th year with the company.
Hear his thoughts on his job as told directly from his mouth.

The vegetables of Shii-Farm

We use the high quality management system in our factories to process/freeze our freshly picked vegetables without losing their freshness, and deliver these delicious vegetables to the table.

Cut Spinach

Growing season: January to April, November to December

Sweet and colorful spinach filled with all the nutrients needed to endure the cold winds that blow from the Kirishima mountain range in the winter. Since they’re cut, you can cook them into a butter saute.

Cut Komatsuna

Growing season: April to June, October to December

Thick and fleshy, yet firm and chewy komatsuna. Nutritionally rich and with a taste that will get you hooked. We recommend making ohitashi.

Edamame Beans

Growing season: June to July, September to October

Edamame beans with a rich taste like chamame beans. If you freeze them immediately after harvesting they stay incredibly fresh! Snack on them on their own or while drinking, you’ll feel the smell of sunshine wafting through your mouth.

Cut Burdock

Growing season: April to September

Richly flavored burdock grown in fertile lands. Peeled, cut, and rinsed. Your body will feel refreshed after eating a fiber-filled burdock salad.


Growing season: April to May, November to December

Chewy broccoli frozen while fresh. Pre-cut so they’re easy to eat. For a fun and textured salad.


Growing season: August to December

Eddoes with a moist and smooth taste. Don’t need to be peeled, and we’ve assembled them into similar sizes. Easy to make into a tasty boiled dish.

Cut Mustard Greens

Growing season: April to June, October to December

A flavor you’ll get hooked on, mustard greens are a staple ingredient in Okinawa. Mixed with rice they are a simple, but always tasty meal.

Cut Kale

Growing season: December to January

Kale high in nutritional value, sweet, and with thin stems which make them easy to eat. High in nutritional value and great for a stir-fry, smoothie, or as a side for meat.

Peeled Edamame Beans

Growing season: June to July, September to October

Colorful edamame beans out of their shell. Without much effort you can use them in cold soups or kakiage, depending on your preferences you can use them in many different dishes.

Corporate Information

Trade name
Agricultural Production Corporation Shii-Farm LLC.
Place of Business

Main Office:
3028 Nojirichomikanoyama, Kobayashi, Miyazaki 886-0213

Takaharu Factory:
4881-17 Ozahirowara, Nishimorokatagun Takaharucho, Miyazaki 889-4411 Inside the Miyazaki Freeway Kougyou Danchi

CEO: Hirofumi Shii
President: Eisuke Shii

Recruitment FAQ

Q1. Can I apply even though I have no work experience/am coming from a different field?

A. Yes, you can apply even though you have no work experience/are coming from a different field.

We give preference to those with previous experience and those with certifications such as forklift and other large size vehicle licenses.

Q2. Can I apply if I’m from a different country?

A. Yes, you can.

We currently have 35 employees who are not Japanese nationals.

Q3. Can I tour the farms and facilities?

A. We allow company visits and facility observation by demand.

You can visit our company after first contacting us and arranging a date and time.

Q4. How will my assignment be determined?

A. It is based on your preference as well as suitability.

Based on your past experiences and what you stated in your interview, with those weighted heavily we chose the position that we feel will best make use of your talents.

Q5. What is the process from application to job offer?

A. In general, company visit>confirmation of intent>interview and test>final decision.

In some cases, a test may not be performed.